Reduce your cost with world-class tools! Building world-class products require world-class integrations & tools. Access our benefits provided by AWS, Microsoft, IBM, and many more valued at over $300K. FounderPath is regularly updates its benefits with new partnerships across categories including Marketing, Cloud, Payments, and more.
up to $100k credits

AWS Active

Build, Deploy, and Manage Websites, Apps or Processes On AWS' Secure, Reliable Network.

Up to 90% off

Dropbox Docsend

Dropbox for Startups, helps companies move their critical workflows forward more efficiently.

Up to $150k Credit

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure brings people, knowledge, and benefits together to help founders at every stage solve startup challenges.

up to $120k credit

IBM Cloud

up to $120k Cloud Platform Credit

waived fees on your next €20k


Help increase the GDP of the internet.

get $1000 in credits

Digital Ocean

The cloud ☁️ of choice for developers around the world to create modern applications.

1 year free
FounderPath kullanıcıları INBOX'tan avantajlı şekilde faydalanıyor. INBOX platformu basit bir arayüz ile tüm kampanya ve abone yönetiminizi, tek bir yerden yapmanıza izin verir. INBOX ile yaptığınız gönderimlerin detaylı raporlamasını alabilir (okuma,tıklama,üyelik iptal v.b.), kişilerinizi segmentleyebilir ve çeşitli varyasyonlara göre gönderimler yapabilirsiniz.


INBOX helps you to send & analyze your email marketing campaigns.

30% discount for 12 months


UserGuiding, a user onboarding product that facilitates the use of product guides and web applications without the need to write code, helo! It provides a 30% net discount to its startups.

$1000 loan from the Team Plan


Your all-in-one workspace for notes, docs, wikis, projects, and team collaboration.

3 months free


Adjust is a mobile marketing analytics platform

get $1000 in credits


A whiteboard, but better.



The most comprehensive platform in Turkey to start a new business