FounderPath kullanıcıları INBOX'tan avantajlı şekilde faydalanıyor. INBOX platformu basit bir arayüz ile tüm kampanya ve abone yönetiminizi, tek bir yerden yapmanıza izin verir. INBOX ile yaptığınız gönderimlerin detaylı raporlamasını alabilir (okuma,tıklama,üyelik iptal v.b.), kişilerinizi segmentleyebilir ve çeşitli varyasyonlara göre gönderimler yapabilirsiniz.


INBOX helps you to send & analyze your email marketing campaigns.
1 year free


For your startup, you can easily access INBOX’s email marketing platform through the partnership program at FounderPath. INBOX has a simple interface that allows you to do all your campaign and subscription management from a single point. With INBOX, you’ll be able to get detailed reports of your campaigns (reads, clicks, cancellations, etc.), segment your contacts, and create campaigns according to variations.

You can always get support from INBOX for all processes, from campaign design to reaching customers. If you meet the criteria, you can access the “5000 subscriber limit PRO package with unlimited monthly sending” for a year with no costs for your startup.

up to $100k credits

AWS Active

Build, Deploy, and Manage Websites, Apps or Processes On AWS' Secure, Reliable Network.

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Digital Ocean

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IBM Cloud

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