Winning Business Model

After having your brilliant business idea, the next step is  focusing on your business model. You need to know how to create and design a winning business model to make your journey long-lasting. One of the best way of doing this is checking out the proven business models of the most promising startups. 

Here are some sources that you can benefit from to find out how you can create a winning business model.







Harvard Business Review

How to Design a Winning Business Model

Most executives believe that competing through business models is critical for success, but few have come to grips with how best to do so. One common mistake, the authors’ studies show, is enterprises’ unwavering focus on creating innovative models and evaluating their efficacy in standalone fashion—just as engineers test new technologies or products. However, the success or failure of a company’s business model depends largely on how it interacts with those of the other players in the industry.

Business Model: 70+ Business Models Patterns In 2022

A business model is a framework for finding a systematic way to unlock long-term value for an organization while delivering value to customers and capturing value through monetization strategies. A business model is a holistic framework to understand, design, and test your business assumptions in the marketplace.
Robert Krajewski – Ideamotive

10 Proven Business Models for Startups To Try In 2022

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Exactly How 100 Multi-Million Dollar Tech Founders Came Up With Their Winning Business Idea

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