Team Building & Culture

Great ideas can only be executed by great minds. So, you need to hunt skilled people who are willing to be a part of your dream with a great passion for your team . Creating a company culture should be the next step after you adapt  the most brilliant people to your team.

Here are some sources that you can benefit from to find out how you can create a dream team and a culture.








8 Best Practices in Business Management

Creating a productive workplace in which employees feel valued and work well together is easy with these eight practices of business management.
Bryan Adams – Inc.

6 Rules to Managing Yourself So You Can Manage Others

Seriously, if you’re not managing yourself effectively, how do you expect to manage your team?
Hilal Dönmez – Medium

Pazarlama Bakış Açısı İle İşe Alım Süreçleri

Hevesle yazılmaya başlanılan hikayelere değer katabilmek, günden güne ileriye taşıyabilmek her organizasyonun en büyük isteği. Bu aşamada hiç kuşkusuz ki en çok katkı sağlayacak olanlar aynı yolda…
Harj Taggar – Y Combinator

How to Hire Your First Engineer

Advice for early stage startup founders who are hiring their first engineer. At this stage traditional recruiting methods e.g. hiring a recruiter won’t work as well for you as they do for larger companies.
Chris Schwalbach – Medium

When Do I Need a CFO in My Startup?

“Do I really need a CFO right now? My company is so small. I’m still figuring out my business. What would a CFO even do for me?” Every week, I hear these questions. Over the past 15 years, I’ve…

Hiring Your First Head of Marketing

Read this article to determine if you’re ready for a marketing head..