Go-to-market Strategy

You created a product/service that solves people’s problems. Now, it is time to show your product to the people who might need it and make them use your product/service. You need to identify your target audience and find ways to reach them for a successful market penetration.

Here are some sources that you can benefit from to find out how to create a golden go-to market strategy.



David Rusenko – Y Combinator

How to Find Product-Market Fit

David Rusenko, Co-founder of Weebly (YC W07), details the story of how Weebly developed one of the most popular website creation and hosting sites on the web today.





Stefan Groschupf – HubSpot

The Proven Process for Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy [+Templates]

A go-to-market strategy is what’s going to help you catapult your new product into the hands of buyers, and we’ve got the examples + templates you need.
Maria Valdivieso.Bertil Chappuis.Ben Ellencweig.Gui Cruz and Michael Viertler – McKinsey

The domino effect: How sales leaders are reinventing go-to-market in the next normal

These four steps, which embed data and technology throughout an organization, are reinventing sales.