Branding & Marketing

It is time to be creative! Create your company’s unique branding that attracts your potential customers. After creating a branding that highlights your startup’s value proposition you need focus on marketing. Make social media plans, create mailing strategies, focus on SEO to reach your potential customers.

Here are some sources that you can benefit from to find out how to create your branding and marketing strategy.






How to Create a Marketing Strategy | Free Templates

Learn how to develop a killer marketing strategy, campaigns, customer segments, and plan. Includes examples, guides, best practices, and free templates.



Andrew Lowenbaum – StartupNation

5 Changes in Paid Advertising You Need to Know about Today

Paid advertising is continuously growing and changing. Here are five changes that you need to know today to boost your business immensely.
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5 Ways Your Business Can Build Trust on Social Media

Trust is built on familiarity, so use your social media accounts to tell an engaging story about the core elements of your brand.
Marc Pickren – StartupNation

5 Common Advertising Mistakes That Startups Make (and How to Avoid Them)

When advertising your startup’s product or service, you must sharpen customer focus and create a message that resonates with your target audience.

Innovative Ways Your Website Can Boost Your Brand Credibility

Your company’s credibility and trustworthiness directly impact your bottom line and drive home the importance of branding.
Eli Schwartz – Y Combinator

The Basics of SEO

Valuable content alone is not enough to guarantee strong rankings if the best practices that help with search engine discovery are not followed. These are the four must-haves to realize the potential of free search engine traffic on your website.
First Round Review

This Brand Strategy Can Make Your Startup Look Bigger Than It Is

As a founding partner of Rock Health and seasoned consultant, Leslie Ziegler has helped brand dozens of startups. Here’s what the success stories had in common.